Does your dog need a new coat for Christmas?

Does your dog need a new coat for Christmas?
Does your dog need a new coat for Christmas?

It’s the largest and one of the most important organs in your dog’s body but do you really appreciate your pet’s skin? Comprising 10-15% of his total bodyweight, the skin protects the body, regulates its temperature, maintains hydration, stores nutrients and is vital to the immune system. It is also a good indicator of overall health.

Nothing affects the condition of a dog’s skin and coat more than diet, which is why phyto-nutrition expert Diet’Dog is on a mission to naturally give all dogs the new healthy coats they deserve this new year.

Diet’Dog is the creator of D-Dog Superfood and D-Dog Superfoods Beta, part of the Phyt’ For Dogs range. These groundbreaking supplements offer a unique combination of health-boosting ingredients that work together to reach an animal’s optimum condition. Using premium and ethically sourced ingredients, every product is 100% natural. Only minimal processing techniques, such as freeze-drying and cold pressing, are used to guarantee the quality and potency of the end produc

D-Dog Superfoods is comprised of specially selected phytonutrients to support your dog’s immune system. It is packed with green superfoods, omega 3 and 6, probiotics and special clay to nourish the skin, promoting a smooth, glossy coat. D-Dog Superfoods also encourages good digestive health, as well as healthy ligaments, joints and bones.

The D-Dog Superfoods Beta complex complements the original formula, acting as an immune boosting tonic that is particularly useful in the winter months when dogs tend to need a little extra help with their health.

Winter weather can have a harsh effect on a dog’s skin and just because your pet is covered in fur it doesn’t mean he’s any less susceptible to dry, itchy and flakey skin. At this time of year central heating can play havoc with a dog’s skin health and increase moulting.

Diet’ Dog’s consultant Vet Richard Allport, who has approved and recommend all the products comments: “Dogs and cats benefit from supplement support to help balance the stresses of modern life, overly processed foods and the environment. I’m giving my own Bedlington Terriers the D-Dog superfoods beta as it’s made a visible difference to their coat and overall condition.”

Beauty is not only skin deep when it comes to creating a gorgeous, sparkling new coat for the new year. Nutrition is key and Diet’Dog’s D-Dog Superfoods and D-Dog Superfoods Beta contain all the vital ingredients your dog and cat need to glow with health.


Article Date: 07 November 2016