Prepare your pet's paws for winter with Diet' Dog's top tips

Prepare your pet's paws for winter with Diet' Dog's top tips

Cold wintry weather can be brutal on our skin, which is why 73% of us use more hand and body lotion during the winter months*. Our pets are no strangers to the effects of cold conditions either, which is why it is important to protect their bodies, particularly their paws, from the harsh elements.

We have come up with some top tips to keep your dog’s paws in tip top condition this winter.

1) Using Diet’Dog’s Paw Balm, made from all natural ingredients such as comfrey and yarrow, will protect your dog’s pads from cracking and irritation. Paw Balm soothes, nourishes and encourages natural healing without the use of harsh chemicals.

2) Good grooming is essential if your dog has long hair. Keep his nails trimmed and the hair between his pads short as this will prevent painful ice balls from forming on frosty walks.

3) Try to avoid walking your dog on pavements that have been treated with salt or chemical de-icers as these can make feet very sore.

4) Salt and de-icers can be toxic and could cause illness if licked off of paws so ensure your pet’s feet are washed with warm water as soon as you come in from a wintry walk.

5) For very cold conditions you might consider a set of protective boots for your dog to guard against frostbite, particularly if your dog is going to be outdoors for a long time.

6) Check your pet’s paws every day for cuts, cracks or redness between the toes. In case of red, itchy, sore irritation or cracks or cuts in between the toes, Paw Balm can be associated with our antibacterial Skin Relief Spray to soothe any irritation and promote healing.

Paw Balm is an important addition to any dog’s daily regime to protect their paws from becoming dry, cracked and sore. In fact, if you remember to massage some into your pet’s feet twice a day when you’re moisturizing your own hands your pet will have pawfectly soft, pain-free pads all winter…and it can be used on dry, cracked noses too!

Diet’Dog has launched a new Paw Balm pocket tin just in time for Christmas – perfect to slip into your handbag or keep in your jacket pocket next to your lip balm. The Paw Balm mini tin makes a great stocking filler that will give your pet happy feet all year round!

*Mintel, 23 August 2012.

Article Date: 05 December 2016