Customer Reviews

  • Senior & Mobility
    Senior & Mobility
    Date Added: 13/08/2015
    “My rescue dog 'Buddy" had sore and stiff hip and elbow . He had been on numerous supplements but none of which seemed to help - that was until we were recommended to try Diet Dog's range! And boy what a difference they have made! He has been taking Senior and Mobility for some time now along with Superfood Beta and it has made such a big difference to not only his movement but his overall happiness! I and especially Buddy cannot thank you enough for all your kind help and advice - it is much appreciated!””
    Author: Mrs A Mower
  • Skin Relief Spray
    Skin Relief Spray
    Date Added: 19/05/2015
    “I just wanted to say how amazing the skin relief spray is. I rescued a cat which had sore skin after having matted fur and had been over grooming areas of her skin. I’ve used this product for three weeks and her sore skin has now gone and her fur is starting to grow back. I’ve been passing on this wonder product to all my customers so that they can also reap the benefits! Thank you for making such a wonderful product that actually works!”
    Author: Lauren, Pets Corner Hednesford
  • Itchy Skin Complex
    Itchy Skin Complex
    Date Added: 17/04/2015
    “it's a miracle!! after just 2 days using this product my mini dachshund's itchy skin has gone! having tried everything for his itchy skin didn't really expect these granules to work but was desperate so tried them and the rash disappeared i couldn't be happier!””
    Author: sidney
  • Digestive Complex
    Digestive Complex
    Date Added: 01/12/2014
    “I got my boy in September last year, at 3 months, and his digestion was terrible from the start. I tried everything, 4 highly rated kibbles with different protein sources, cold pressed food, raw, several different supplements, 5 different probiotics, digestive enzymes, nothing helped him. On raw food he still seemed to have difficulty producing bowel movements, with food in them though they were had solid at last, and he was still burping & gulping after meals. He was also underweight. I'd all but given up hope when I tried this. He had his first in his supper on Monday and on Tuesday morning he comfortably produced the first truly perfect poo of his life and all his poos since have been the same. After two days he had no burping or gulping and he began to settle down and sleep after his meals. Today, Thursday, he’s a new dog, relaxed and happy. I hardly dare breathe for fear it changes, but it's such a relief. ”
    Author: Barbara
  • Stress Relief
    Stress Relief
    Date Added: 06/11/2014
    “Tried & Tested AGAIN. Last night we had a few fireworks go off around us. Norman suffers terribly this time of year. We took Norman for a walk before dark and then gave him a squirt of the new Phyt' Stress Relief from Diet'DoG UK. He did not react all evening - no crying, no barking, no jumping on our heads, no running around the house, nothing, just normal Norman and relieved us.”
    Author: Piers and Michelle Smart, Scampers Natural Pet Store
  • Skin Relief Spray
    Skin Relief Spray
    Date Added: 18/09/2014
    “My cat Bert has been constantly over grooming his belly. I have just used the Diet Dog skin relief spray and the results are amazing, the soreness and redness are gone within a week and at the moment there is no sign of him grooming his belly at all. I am also using the itchy skin complex granules, I cannot recommend this product more highly 5 out of 5 for me!!”
    Author: Jackie Brinkler
  • D-Dog Superfoods Beta
    D-Dog Superfoods Beta
    Date Added: 11/08/2014
    “I have an 8 year old GSD with poor skin and have been using D-Dog Superfoods Beta in conjunction with Diet' Dog's Digestive Complex and Skin Relief Spray for a couple of months. She is doing so well her hair is growing back and she has put on weight it is wonderful a couple of months ago I was having to put sun block on her sides now they have fur. My homeopathic vet is very pleased with her and wants her to stay on the D-Dog Superfoods Beta for a while.””
    Author: Suzanne Wilson
  • Skin Relief Spray
    Skin Relief Spray
    Date Added: 09/06/2014
    “I have been using the Skin Relief Spray for a couple of years now and totally love it! The combination of herbs makes it really work and all naturally, so you can apply with confidence, and no worries associated with any chemicals. The spray absorbs extremely fast and cools as it penetrates the skin. With their anti-bacterial properties the herbs (well known for their ability to aid the body’s own anti-inflammatory process) used get to work quickly and the directional nozzle is great to target a wound ie a cut paw. It's brilliant and really works! ”
    Author: Anna Webb, Broadcaster and Naturopath
  • Natural Sensitive Skin Shampoo
    Natural Sensitive Skin Shampoo
    Date Added: 22/04/2014
    “A client had her Westie groomed and we used Natural Sensitive Skin Shampoo as he had a weepy (sore skin on back) that he had been chewing. We then groomed him and sprayed the Skin Relief Spray on and 2 days later the patch hadn't been chewed anymore and had scrabbed up. It worked a treat!”
    Author: K9 Snipz Dog Grooming